NCDevCon 2014 - SQL Server Tips for Everyday Programmers slides and video

{ Posted By : Eric Cobb on September 17, 2014 }
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For those of you that attended my NCDevCon session, you can download a copy of the slides. For those that missed it and would like to see my presentation, here is the video.

If you missed out on NCDevCon this year, I highly recommend you try to go next year. It was a great conference, and a lot of fun. There were a lot of good sessions, all of which were recorded and can be viewed here.

I'm speaking at NCDevCon 2014

{ Posted By : Eric Cobb on September 4, 2014 }
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I'm a little late in blogging this, but I'm excited to announce that I will be speaking at NCDevCon 2014! This will be my first time back at NCDevCon since I spoke there in 2010, so I'm definitely looking forward to it. My session is SQL Server Tips for Everyday Programmers. If you're in the area, be sure to get registered and come on out to NCDevCon, there's an excellent line up of sessions this year!

New Beginnings

{ Posted By : Eric Cobb on May 9, 2014 }
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As some of you know, the company where I've worked for the last three years is going out of business. As a result, most everyone there (myself included) was laid off last week. Fortunately, most of us saw this coming and had enough advanced warning that we started looking for jobs some time ago. I'm happy to report that by the time the layoffs hit, many of my coworkers already had new jobs in place, or were in the process of doing so. I myself actually accepted a new position the morning of the day I was laid off.

So, next week I start my new job as a full time SQL Server DBA!

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SQL Server Tips for Everyday Programmers: Stretch Goal Announced

{ Posted By : Eric Cobb on April 21, 2014 }
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With only a week left in the Kickstarter project, I've decided to go ahead and add a Stretch Goal. If the goal is met, I will add an additional "Under the hood" chapter to the book. To find out more, check out my Kickstarter, SQL Server Tips for Everyday Programmers, at

New website for my upcoming book

{ Posted By : Eric Cobb on April 15, 2014 }
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This is just a quick update to announce that I have a new domain and temporary website up and running for SQL Server Tips for Everyday Programmers. Currently, the site is just promoting my Kickstarter project, but my plan moving forward is to have the site promote this book, as well as any future books I may write, and a new blog for database related topics.

You can view the website at

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My Kickstarter: SQL Server Tips for Everyday Programmers

{ Posted By : Eric Cobb on April 8, 2014 }
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Yesterday I launched a Kickstarter project for my book, SQL Server Tips for Everyday Programmers ( I'm super excited about this, and hope that you will take a minute to read through my project and consider supporting it.

To briefly summarize the project, my goal in writing this book is to help other programmers enhance their applications. When I was going through my MCSE training, I learned many new things about SQL Server, things that would have made my life as a programmer easier and my applications much more efficient. So, I compiled some of these into a group of useful tips specifically for programmers. I want to help programmers get beyond just creating tables and stored procedures, and use their databases for more than a simple container for storing information. Regardless of the programming language you use, if you use SQL Server I am sure these tips will come in handy.

To find out more about my project, you can view my Kickstarter here:
And please, feel free to comment here! I'm always interested in hearing your opinions.

New and Improved, now with Microsoft Certifications!

{ Posted By : Eric Cobb on January 7, 2014 }
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Well, I may not be new, but I certainly feel I've improved professionally. I'm a little late on blogging this, but towards the end of last year I decided to get some Microsoft SQL Server certifications. I got my MCSA: SQL Server 2012 certification around the beginning of October, and then I immediately dove in and got my MCSE: Data Platform certification a few weeks later in November. All total I took 5 certification exams within about 6 weeks, and I'm already setting my sights on the SQL Server 2014 certifications coming out in a few months.

Me being the database junkie that I am, I have to say I really enjoyed deep-diving into the features of SQL Server, and am amazed at some of its capabilities. I'm looking forward to becoming more involved with it and putting my newfound knowledge to good use!

First Glance at ASP.NET MVC for a ColdFusion developer

{ Posted By : Eric Cobb on August 28, 2013 }
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One of the things we've been contemplating here at work is the possibility of switching our platform over to another programming language. We're planning a big rewrite of our main site in the future, and have decided to spend some time evaluating other languages to see if there is something else that we would like to use. At this point, we really don't have any specific criteria other than just picking a language and trying a few tutorials to see if we like it.

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Problem Using Database Defaults with ColdFusion ORM

{ Posted By : Eric Cobb on October 4, 2012 }
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Today I was trying to convert a simple insert query over to ORM, and for the life of me I could not get the insert to work. Everything ran perfectly, there were no errors being thrown (that I could find), but the new record would not get inserted into the database. It took me a while to figure out what was going on....well, to be honest I still don't know what was going on, but I figured out how to fix it. Here is an example of what I was running in to:

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Using Var Scoper in Your ANT Builds

{ Posted By : Eric Cobb on May 23, 2012 }
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Ok, I just found this earlier today, and while I'm sure there are tons of you out there that already knew about it, I am posting this for the ones like me that have never heard of it. The varScoper tool comes with a build file that will allow you to run varScoper as an ANT task. All I had to do was change the path to the files I wanted to scan, and the URL to my local varScoper install, and it ran perfectly.

I'm excited about this, as I think a varScoper check is an awesome thing to have integrated into a build. Plus, seeing how it is done has introduced me to some features of ANT that I was previously unaware of.

Now, after finding this, I can't help but reach out to the CF community and ask, what other cool CF tools come with pre-written build files?

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