Code Formatting problem in BlogCFC.

{ Posted By : Eric Cobb on November 17, 2009 }
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I'm not sure if this is a BlogCFC problem, a Railo problem, or maybe even a ColdFish problem, but none of my blog posts seem to retain any of the formatting in my code examples. Whenever I click "Preview" or "Save" on a new blog entry, all code formatting (indentions, tabs, spacing, etc.) is lost and every line is left aligned. It seems to remove all whitespace except for line breaks.

I played around and made a couple of changes inside of BlogCFC and the ColdFish cfc, and I disabled whitespace management in Railo, but none of that seemed to work. Google turned up nothing, so I figured before I go on a code manhunt and wind up breaking my site that I would post here and see if anyone else had ever seen this or had any suggestions.

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