Simple Flex / AIR RSS Feed Reader

{ Posted By : Eric Cobb on February 28, 2009 }
Related Categories: AIR, Flex

In my ongoing attempts to learn Flex, I decided that I wanted to build an AIR RSS reader for my blog. Not that there's anyone out there who would actually want an RSS reader for my blog, but I figured this would be a good little "hello world" app to help me get into Flex and AIR. You can find my RSS reader in the downloads section.

I don't really consider this a very useful application, but I do consider it a good learning exercise. Once I get a few things cleaned up, I plan on zipping up all of the source code and having it available for download as well. My intention is to make it super simple to customize, so anyone can re-skin it and have an AIR RSS reader for their blog too. Or, at the very least someone can look through the code to figure out a few things work.