My favorite cigars are....

{ Posted By : Eric Cobb on May 26, 2010 }
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I guess I'll have to get a box of these in October. :)

Tony Garcia's Gravatar Congrats!!
# Posted By Tony Garcia | 5/26/10 6:52 PM
Jason Dean's Gravatar w00t!! Congrats Eric!!
# Posted By Jason Dean | 5/27/10 10:22 AM
Jen's Gravatar Wow! Congrats! When is he due?
# Posted By Jen | 5/27/10 10:48 AM
Jen's Gravatar I meant what day in October?
# Posted By Jen | 5/27/10 10:48 AM
Eric Cobb's Gravatar Thanks everyone!

He's due on October 19th. Our anniversary is Oct. 14th so it would be cool if he's born then (one less date for me to have to remember!). I guess there's also a chance his birthday could be 10/10/10 which would be pretty cool too. :)
# Posted By Eric Cobb | 5/27/10 10:54 AM
Aaron West's Gravatar Nice touch E.
# Posted By Aaron West | 5/27/10 1:55 PM