Mach-II has reignited my passion for development!

{ Posted By : Eric Cobb on March 23, 2011 }
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For a while now I've been in a rut. I'm not really sure of the cause, but lately I just haven't had the passion I once had for writing code. The spark seemed to be gone. I really haven't had much of a desire to work on any of my side projects, and getting stuff done for clients sometimes seems like a chore. Maybe it's because we've mainly just been doing tedious bug fixes at work for a while and no new development, or maybe it's because I lost a couple of my side contracts since they're moving away from CF. It may just be a side effect of me getting some non-programming hobbies and focusing my time on something else. Whatever the reason, sitting in front of my computer when I'm not at work is not something that I've wanted to do lately. In fact, I've found myself coming up with excuses NOT to get on the computer. But, that all changed last night.

A couple of days ago I decided to dust off one of my old pet projects and start working on it again. This particular project is a custom Mach-II CMS that I was building for a client. The client knew about it and thought it would be nice to have, but they don't really need it so there's never been a big push to get it finished. It's just something that I worked on in my spare time and if it never got finished it was no big deal. About a year ago, I decided to shelve this project and go with Mura instead (no sense reinventing the wheel, right?). Well, that didn't work out so hot, and I really want this client on a CMS, so last night I fired up Subversion and pulled down my old Mach-II project.

This was the first time I've looked at Mach-II since I stopped working on this project a year ago. Imagine my surprise when within just a few minutes of looking through the code I started getting excited about this project. Almost instantly I was looking forward to doing some development again! I actually had to make myself turn off the computer and go to bed last night. It's been a long time since that has happened, and it's been a long time since I felt like that about writing some code. I don't know what it is, but something about working in Mach-II always excites me. Maybe it's because I'm still fairly new to Mach-II and I'm learning a lot while working with it, but I really enjoy working with Mach-II. So much so, that I even try to contribute to the wiki when I can. As funny as it sounds, what really set off this excitement was realizing that the first thing I need to do on this project is set up autowiring for ColdSpring in all of my listeners.

So, yeah, I'm in full geek mode again. :) Thanks Mach-II, this is going to be fun!

Are there any programming languages or frameworks that you work with that get you excited like this?

John Allen's Gravatar Three things come to mind: ACF/Railo's Hibernate integration, JQuery and FW/1. Making these three things sing together is a really fun time. Makes it difficult to turn the computer off at night.
# Posted By John Allen | 3/23/11 12:43 PM
John Sieber's Gravatar I've been feeling the same kind of excitement while working on a personal project with cfWheels. Funny how a change of pace and a new way of looking at old problems can generate excitement.
# Posted By John Sieber | 3/23/11 12:45 PM
lex's Gravatar I felt the same way about programming until I found FW/1. I now program everything in FW/1 with no hesitation. No xml config files and no strict rules. Its very easy to learn the conventions. We also looked into Mura but it really wasn't a good fit for our site. Instead we created a home grown CMS with FW/1 in no time. Our site and cms are both built in FW/1. No regrets.
# Posted By lex | 3/23/11 12:50 PM
Eric Cobb's Gravatar @John Allen - glad you mentioned that, Railo's Hibernate integration is also on my list to add to this project.

@John Sieber - Exactly! Coming back in to Mach-II after being away from it for so long is definitely a breath of fresh air.

@lex - I've been keeping up with FW/1 and like what I see. I would like to take it for a spin sometime, possibly even integrate it into some projects here at work.
# Posted By Eric Cobb | 3/23/11 1:58 PM
Brock Baxter's Gravatar Great post! Weird you mention it, though. Recently I've given up on frameworks (I've used FW/1, Mach-II and MOdel-Glue) and gone back to "Classic CFM" -- AND I'M LOVING IT.

We all forget what got us into this in the first place! Just good old fashioned CFML. I hope more of us recatpure the spirit and go back to the Classics!
# Posted By Brock Baxter | 3/23/11 2:11 PM
Phillip Senn's Gravatar "set up autowiring for ColdSpring in all of my listeners" is why I'm still a classic CFM fan.
# Posted By Phillip Senn | 3/25/11 4:28 PM
Eric Cobb's Gravatar @Brock Baxter - I'm actually in just the opposite spot, I'm jumping back into Mach-II after spending many months maintaining some of the ugliest spaghetti CF code you've ever seen! A little structure and stability is a welcome change for me right now. ;)

@Phillip Senn - Ha Ha! If Mach-II didn't make working with ColdSpring so brain dead simple, I'd probably be right there with ya!
# Posted By Eric Cobb | 3/25/11 5:05 PM