CFBuilder/Subclipse problem when right clicking on files in Team Synchronization view.

{ Posted By : Eric Cobb on June 21, 2011 }
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I started using Coldfusion Builder 2 this week, and the first plugin I installed was Subclipse. Even though the install went fine, I ran into problems when trying to use the plugin. Specifically, whenever I was in the Team Synchronization view I could not right click on any files. Well, I could right click on them, but nothing would happen when I did.

It took some Googling, but I finally found the solution so I figured I would re-post it here. The answer was at the bottom of a thread in the Adobe Forums (you can read the whole thread here). Here's a copy of the solution posted by "toomellow" that worked for me:

I figured out a temporary fix until Adobe/Aptana gets their product fixed. Look in the plugins folder of the CF Builder install. There is a plug-in folder called "com.aptana.ide.syncing_X.X.X.XXXXXX". Open up the "plugin.xml" file in there. Change all occurrences of "synchronize to "aptanasynchronize (include the initial double-quote... there should be 16 replacements). Save the file. Start eclipse/cfbuilder from the command line with a "-clean" flag. Enjoy.

After that, everything in Subclipse seems to be working correctly.

WilGeno's Gravatar Has anyone submitted this as a BUG to Adobe's bug tracker? It helps if Adobe is made aware of these issues and they DO follow and respond to reported bug in the bug tracker.
# Posted By WilGeno | 6/22/11 10:58 AM
Eric Cobb's Gravatar I saw where it was reported back in CFB 1, so they've known about it for a while.
# Posted By Eric Cobb | 6/22/11 11:11 AM
Chris's Gravatar This works great! Thanks!
# Posted By Chris | 6/22/11 4:16 PM
Chris's Gravatar I was unable to find a bug logged for this item, so I logged one under 2903404.
# Posted By Chris | 6/22/11 4:25 PM
Andrew Scott's Gravatar Subversive is a far better product over subclipse.
# Posted By Andrew Scott | 6/23/11 3:15 AM