Mach-II has reignited my passion for development!

{ Posted By : Eric Cobb on March 23, 2011 }
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For a while now I've been in a rut. I'm not really sure of the cause, but lately I just haven't had the passion I once had for writing code. The spark seemed to be gone. I really haven't had much of a desire to work on any of my side projects, and getting stuff done for clients sometimes seems like a chore. Maybe it's because we've mainly just been doing tedious bug fixes at work for a while and no new development, or maybe it's because I lost a couple of my side contracts since they're moving away from CF. It may just be a side effect of me getting some non-programming hobbies and focusing my time on something else. Whatever the reason, sitting in front of my computer when I'm not at work is not something that I've wanted to do lately. In fact, I've found myself coming up with excuses NOT to get on the computer. But, that all changed last night.

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Mach-II Error: A ResultArg/Key has been specified on a notify command method that is returning void.

{ Posted By : Eric Cobb on November 8, 2009 }
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I'm posting this mainly for my own recollection down the road, because the old gray matter doesn't seem to retain as much as it used to... ;^)

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Using a Session Facade in Mach-II

{ Posted By : Eric Cobb on August 24, 2009 }
Related Categories: Mach-II, CFML

Last week I added an entry to the Mach-II wiki on using a Session Facade. This was my first time writing anything for the wiki, and I have to say that I really enjoyed working on it. Do you ever have those "Ah-ha!" moments when you're trying to figure something out and suddenly everything just clicks? Well, that happened to me 3 or 4 times while putting that wiki entry together.

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Mach-II 1.8 Beta is now available

{ Posted By : Eric Cobb on August 13, 2009 }
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The Mach-II team has announced that Mach-II 1.8 beta is now available for download, and they've already started working on versions 1.9 and 2.0 (with Mach-II 1.9 due out before the end of the year)!

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Mach-II Announces Dashboard 1.0 Reaches RC1

{ Posted By : Eric Cobb on April 16, 2009 }
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Great! What's the Dashboard?

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A Beginner's look at Mach-II: Part I - Learning Mach-II in less than an hour.

{ Posted By : Eric Cobb on April 15, 2009 }
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A couple of weeks ago I started playing around with Mach-II. I haven't been able to devote much time to working with it, mainly just at home at night and on the weekends, but so far I'm really liking what I see. I've never really used a framework before. Years ago I tried to fool around with Fusebox some (version 2 or 3, I think), but that didn't last long. I took a look at Model-Glue once too, but that didn't last long either. By them not lasting long, I mean a few hours at the most. Not that there was anything wrong with either of those frameworks, but at that time I just didn't understand frameworks or what they were for. I would download them, look at a few examples, scratch my head, and delete them. I just didn't get it.

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